Here’s Dave Matthews in a Canoe Eating Pie

Rob Slater on July 28, 2015

Dave Matthews and Brian Calhoun are at it again. After the Rockbridge Guitar team member and DMB frontman teamed up to slap the everloving shit out of each other multiple times, they are back with a much more peaceful, delicious and bizarre video.

There are many things to consider here: First off, Calhoun’s attire, which is a brilliant way to prevent yourself from getting attacked by anything in the forest. If every animal thinks you’re a ferocious tiger, they will not fuck with you. 

While Calhoun is methodically steering the canoe, Matthews sits alone, just a man and his cherry pie. Cherry pie is real low on the pie rankings chart (more on that later), but Dave seems to be enjoying it as he contemplates life, love and just how he’s going to shove “Shake Me Like a Monkey” into the set for the 87,000th time. Watch it all backed by a thumping EDM narration that is hopefully not a preview of DMB’s next studio album.