Here are All the Places You Guys Have Photoshopped Contemplative Trey Anastasio Holding Oranges

October 18, 2017

One aware New Yorker managed to look up and see Trey Anastasio waiting in line at what appears to be a very healthy lunch spot (here’s the original photo for reference) gazing ever so intently at the list of available smoothies. 

Anastasio seems completely in the moment, debating whether his day is taking him in more of a Berry Explosion or Green Machine direction. He also appears to be holding a haul from a grocery store, with a few stray oranges visible. It’s just a nice early fall afternoon out on the town for the guitarist, but the internet saw an opportunity for a meme. 

Sure enough, Anastasio’s reflective moment has landed him in the thick of many iconic moments, such as the moon landing, gazing at E.T. flying in a bike, at the front row of his very own  show and even as a hologram in Star Wars

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