Watch “Dave Grohl” Commemorate Foo Fighters’ Return to the Site of His Broken Leg with Another Stage Fall in Sweden

June 6, 2018

Foo Fighters brought their world tour in support of Concrete and Gold to Gothenburg, Sweden, yesterday, and frontman Dave Grohl had a trick up his sleeve, harkening back to the time three years ago when the band was in Gothenburg and Grohl fell off the stage, broke his leg and later returned to finish the show—because he’s a damn rock-and-roll professional. 

That injury—which gave birth to a silver lining in the form of Grohl’s incredible stage throne—was the subject of a Grohl Troll™ yesterday in Gothenburg, when a stuntman dressed as Grohl came out with the Foos and promptly proceeded to tumble off stage in a similar fashion to Grohl’s 2015 spill. 

It’s a testament to Grohl and the band’s sense of humor to poke fun at what was probably a pretty terrible situation at the time, but I have to wonder if the crowd got the joke—even when the real Grohl triumphantly joined his bandmates on stage. The fans close to the stuntman obviously saw him fall onto a pad (and noticed the dubiously unfazed security guards nearby), but who knows what everyone else was thinking.

Anyway—never change, Dave Grohl.