Album Stream: Soul of John Black _Early in the Moanin’_

February 3, 2017

Today we share a stream of Early In The Moanin’, John Bigham’s latest record as The Soul of John Black, which has just been released on Cadabra Records. Bigham, who was in Fishbone for eight years and put in a stint with Miles Davis from 1989-90, produced and recorded Early In The Moanin’ at Tiger One Studio in Los Angeles. He explains that the record is a “love letter to the blues. I’m taking it back to Mississippi to the Delta, in my own way.”  He adds, “Oddly enough, I didn’t get into really deep old school blues until I was working with Miles [Davis] and he recorded songs with John Lee Hooker for the soundtrack to a movie called The Hot Spot. That music affected me profoundly. John Lee Hooker became one of my main guys. I also figured that if his music and Miles Davis’ could blend so beautifully, I should be able to find my own way of combining everything that I love. And that’s what The Soul of John Black is about.”

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