Album Premiere: Members of Leftover Salmon, Railroad Earth and Hard Working Americans are The High Hawks

June 9, 2021
Album Premiere: Members of Leftover Salmon, Railroad Earth and Hard Working Americans are The High Hawks

photo credit: Jake Cudek

On Friday, LoHi Records will release the debut eponymous album from The High Hawks. This all-star Americana collective features Vince Herman  (Leftover Salmon), Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth), Chad Staehly (Hard Working Americans), Adam Greuel (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades), Brian Adams (DeadPhish Orchestra) and Will Trask (Great American Taxi).

Greuel explains, “The six of us met on the road, admiring one another as musicians and characters. Sometimes in life there’s that undeniable intuitive feeling that you’re energy dances just right with another. Often that feeling leads to some type of spiritual communion, belly busting laughter, or the medicine that opens your mind to just what you need to know, just when you’re supposed to know it.” 

Carbone adds, “The reason I think it worked so well is that we’d known each other for so long. I’ve sat in with Adam’s band. I produced two Great American Taxi records. I’ve worked with Chad in super creative situations. I’ve known the guys in Leftover Salmon for over twenty years. It’s one big happy family. It’s kind of the perfect situation. You have a group of guys who know and love each other. And oh yeah, by the way, we get to play these cool original songs too.”

It all first came together two years ago in Herman’s living room,” Carbone reflects, “We went in with zero expectations. Once we got together and played the songs we had in mind, it was like, ‘Wow, there’s something going on here! This is not just a bunch of guys playing some songs. This is a band.’”

“This album is the sonic manifestation of the six of us as musical and life compadres,” Greuel offers. “Perhaps it’s a reminder that through life’s cobwebs, screens, and self-doubts, there’s a simple joy and light in the friendship we share with those we love. Perhaps these songs might bring you some of that High Hawkin’ energy, just when you need it the most. Perhaps this can be a reminder to fly high, even when it’s less than apparent exactly where it is ya need to go.”

Today we offer the premiere stream of The High Hawks, which is now available for pre-order.

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