A Video History of Pearl Jam and David Letterman

April 6, 2017

With Neil Young suffering from an undisclosed illness, David Letterman will step in and induct Pearl Jam into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow night in Brooklyn and next to Uncle Neil, the former Late Show host is the best possible person to properly induct the legendary rock band into the Hall. 

Letterman is one of the few who have seen Pearl Jam at nearly every stage of their career, with the band first making their debut on his Late Show in 1996 to support the release of No Code with “Hail Hail.” They’d return numerous times in the years that followed on their support tours for Yield, Riot Act and their self-titled record which also got the Live on Letterman treatment in 2006. 

In Letterman’s final years as host, Eddie Vedder made a couple of appearances including a 2011 visit to support his Ukelele Songs record and then in one of the host’s final shows, teaming with Paul Shaffer and the house band for an emotional rendition of “Better Man.” 

Watch a chronological look at Pearl Jam’s history with Letterman. 

“Hail Hail” | 1996

“Wishlist” | 1998

“Grievance” | 2000

“I Am Mine” | 2002

“Save You” | 2002

“Masters of War” | 2004

“Life Wasted” | 2006

Live On Letterman | 2006

Eddie Vedder “Without You” | 2011

“Better Man” | 2015