50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles Officially Split

Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on April 10, 2020
50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles Officially Split

On April 10, 1970 Paul McCartney broke the news that The Beatles were calling it quits.

“I have no future plans to record or appear with The Beatles again, or to write any music with John,” he wrote in an official press statement.

By then, the legendary quartet – McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – had released 11 albums (more, if you could limited releases/singles) and two feature films, mastering everything from bubble-gum pop to mind-expanding psychedelia in the process. They were an international phenomenon, and by the time 1970 rolled around their short-but-sweet 10-year career offered some of the most significant music ever recorded.

Their breakup – of course – was decidedly messy, with Lennon following up McCartney’s aforementioned statement with a curt response: “Paul hasn’t left. I sacked him.”

The Beatles would share their final album Let It Be in May 1970. Today they are considered the best-selling band of all time.

Watch The Beatles perform “Don’t Let Me Down” at their final 1969 rooftop performance below: