Album Premiere: Craig Greenberg ‘Phantom Life’

December 4, 2020
Album Premiere: Craig Greenberg ‘Phantom Life’

Craig Greenberg has kept busy during quarantine, performing a slew of at-home livestreams and releasing a politically-inspired single (and lyric video) “Face The Fire.” Today, we are premiering his new, full-length record Phantom Life.

“Music to me has always had an elastic quality to it, in that it has grown more vital the times in my life when I’ve needed it most,” Greenberg told Relix. “The time when my mother was terminally ill (around the making of my last album), I just had to dive deeper into the pool, but music went there with me. That more profound connection was definitely something that helped propel me forward in my songwriting and performing. 

“Covid has been similar experience and it has probably been as creative a period songwriting as I’ve ever had. There’s also this sense of music being on a deeper level for everyone now, not just artists,” he continued. “When the lockdown first hit NYC, I started performing live on FB and I wound up playing 12 nights in a row because people were just so needing that personal connection (and I was as well). I think that’s the one positive to come out of these troubled times, and I imagine music will continue on that plane for some time to come.”

Greenberg will host a virtual listening party for the new record on his Facebook and Instagram pages tonight, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

Listen to the new record below!

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