Jack White Apparently Had a Miserable Time at Wrigley Field Last Night

Rob Slater on July 23, 2014

For the better part of 100 years, Wrigley Field has been the central hub for sadness. From the Billy Goat to Buckner’s glove to the black cat to Bartman, there are many reasons to be upset while watching the Cubs. Last night, Jack White seemed to embody all of that misery last night as he attended the Cubs and Padres game at Wrigley. Along with (presumably) his young daughter by his side, the camera caught White flashing a mean look in the direction of the gentlemen sitting in front of him. The internet, of course, had a blast with this.

Let’s break down a few reasons why Mr. White could’ve been upset:

1. The conversation he’s eavesdropping on had to do with the man’s dislike for “Seven Nation Army” as a stadium song.

2. He caught a glimpse of the Cubs’ lineup for that night (or just, always)

3. White realized that Chicago baseball is nowhere near the real baseball he witnessed a few nights earlier in St. Louis.

And here is good ol’ Jack during the seventh inning stretch, a famous exercise at Wrigley Field. One designed to cheerfully sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with a beer in your hand. Uh…..

Now, surely this is just the camera catching the guitarist at the wrong angle. There is no doubt he had a wonderful time at the game last night. And, the Cubs won 6-0 so there was very little reason to frown. White will headline two SOLD OUT (see, Jack, they really do love you) shows in Chicago starting tonight at the Chicago Theatre and then shifting to the Auditorium Theatre tomorrow.

Oh, and how can we forget–he hung out with Cubs President Theo Epstein and Eddie Vedder last night as well. The Pearl Jam frontman will also throw out the first pitch tonight and lead the crowd in the seventh inning stretch.