Check Out Our October/November Digital Sampler

October 15, 2019
Check Out Our October/November Digital Sampler

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Nefesh Mountain
“The Narrow Bridge”
From the album Beneath The Open Sky

Nefesh Mountain is the place where American bluegrass and roots music meet Jewish heritage and tradition. The result of this beautifully unexpected mix is staggering: complete string virtuosity, through composed arrangements and songs of the heart, celebrating diversity and oneness for our world today.

Lines In The Sky

Lines In The Sky’s “Thalassophobia” exemplifies the band’s ongoing genre-blending appeal beyond stylistic and demographic limits. The Nashville-based band continues to release “a breathtaking brand of blissful, richly melodic progressive rock that is as expansive and impressionistic as their name.”

“Swirl Elixir”

FlowPoetry is the originator of Lyrical Jam Poetry. These are socially conscious poems and stories woven together, reflecting themes of the music festival experience. Previously, frontman Adam Gregory Pergament played catcher for a Big Ten University baseball team and spent six years backpacking in Asia and India.

“Hold Up”

Athenian rockers Whereswilder bring a soulful new track from their upcoming new record. “Hold Up” was recorded in a place where many near cult-like status Greek folk hits were produced during the early ‘80s. The track’s smooth yet slick feel is just a taste of what the whole album’s vibe is.
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Arbor Creek
“Hammel Woods”
From the album Arbor Creek

Arbor Creek is a five-piece progressive psychedelic blues rock band from Joliet, Ill. They are a fresh and young band with a sound that takes many forms and calls upon many influences, from the Chicago blues to English folk music. They put on a thrilling and powerful live performance.

Electric Kif
From the album Jefe
Kif Records

Electric Kif are a Miami-based power quartet that explore the boundaries between rock, jazz fusion and electronic drum and bass. They are a dynamic mash of hard hitting groove, high octane riffs and cosmic melody. Their new album, Jefe, marks an evolution and sweetening of the band’s unique chemistry.

A Band In Ship
From the album The Ark

A Band In Ship is an alt-rock quartet from Long Island. After locking in their line up in 2016, they began working on their first LP, The Ark. Their eclectic influences form a unique style, which allows the band to improvise live and take the audience on a new journey each show. Catch them throughout New York this Fall and Winter!

Heart of Pine
From the album Highly Flammable

Delivering lyrically rich and rhythmically infectious songs, Heart of Pine’s debut album, Highly Flammable is a great introduction to their take on Americana. With deep roots in soul, blues, southern and psychedelic rock, Heart of Pine is the must-have in your playlist.

Jacks River Band
“All The Booties”

Part-time string fiddlers, part-time gerbil wranglers, Jacks River Band is the best band you probably haven’t heard of. They are known for their driving blues-rock style and extended improvised jams and they always perform with an insatiable, “get your daddy pregnant” funkadelic energy.

Shady Mayor

Shady Mayor is a five-piece, jazz and blues influenced, rock group based out of Indianapolis, Ind. Members include Matthew Hoagland (vocals/guitar), Paul Uhrina (drums), Javier Perez (saxophone), Kyle “Catfish” McCoy (bass) and Andy Greenwell (keyboard/vocals).

Kala and The Lost Tribe
“Here and Now”
From the EP The Art of Balance

Kala and The Lost Tribe is a Brooklyn based hip-hop/jazz fusion band led by multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, poet, MC and educator, Arianna “Kala” Brame. Carrying the torch of live hip-hop legacy, Brame’s musicianship and lyricism—and perhaps even mysticism—land on equal footing.

The Lemon Flyers
From the EP Find a Way

The Lemon Flyers are three brothers and one other dude who produce rock and roll music. They use meandering bass lines, four-part harmonies, and good ol’ fashioned electric guitar to remind us that things don’t always go the way you want them to, but you can find a way through anyway. Results may vary.

Zoo Culture

Zoo Culture is an indie rock group from Birmingham, Ala. that gained local traction from the release of their debut EP, Moonflower in June of 2019. The band had the time of their lives writing and recording their single, “Sundress.” They are currently in the process of writing their second record.