Check out our July/August 2020 CD Sampler

August 10, 2020
Check out our July/August 2020 CD Sampler

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“One to Remember”

From the album Mordechai

Dead Oceans, in association with Night Time Stories

Globetrotting Texan trio Khruangbin present their third album Moredechai. A transportive sound toward a new sense of emotional directness, without losing the spirit of nomadic wandering that’s always defined it. And it all started with them coming home to Houston.

Carolina Story

“Hold of Me”

From the album Dandelion

Black River Entertainment

Blending folk intimacy, country grit and alt-rock muscle, Carolina Story’s upcoming sophomore album, Dandelion, is an ode to survival in the face of struggle, a full-throated tribute to the power of hope and the unbreakable bonds of family. Dandelion will be available Sept. 4 via Black River Ent.

Alex Jordan

“Your Kingdom Comes (With a View)”

From the album The Subtle Exhibitionist

Chicken Man Music

Alex Jordan was born to play, progressing from trumpet to guitar by high school. In college, he became a crew member, then a substitute player for the legendary Dead cover band Cubensis, then spent five years with Midnight North. He started writing songs, and the result is The Subtle Exhibitionist.

Bayou City Funk



Splice Records

Bayou City Funk is a collection of veteran musicians and brass players that have formed one of Houston’s premiere funk bands. Inspired by the originators and pioneers to the heavy hitters shaping the modern funk scene, BCF’s sound covers funk, jazz and blues, bringing high energy to live shows.

Father Figuer

“Heavy Hands”

From the album Transitions


Bred in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Father Figuer trio aims to marry gritty ambience with the impetus of vulnerability. Following their debut LP Transitions, they are eager to release their sophomore collection of work less than a year later, with no intent of slowing down.

Creamery Station

“Wake Again”

From the album Walk With Me

HMG Recordings (Horizon Music Group)

In a relatively short time, this roots-influenced jam band has risen through the ranks, having done shows with national acts such as The Marshall Tucker Band, Twiddle, Melvin Seals & JGB and many more. Their newly released album is getting a lot of attention on the scene. Make sure to check it out!

Johnny & The Mongrels

“Music Man”

From the album Creole Skies


A high-powered, New Orleans-influenced band that is the perfect combination of a funk-filled heart and a deep bayou soul. Its founders, currently based in Fort Collins, Colo., are singer/writer Johnny Ryan and singer/bassist/writer Jeff Bostic. They have opened for George Porter Jr, Ivan Neville and Samantha Fish.

The Roe Family Singers

“Don’t Worry About the Rich Man”

From the album Roll Up the Rug

Bonfire Music Group

The Roe Family Singers are a good-time, old-time hillbilly band from Minnesota. Led by wife and husband Kim and Quillan Roe, the band marries old-time sounds from barn-dances, fiddle pulls and county fairs with the rock-and-roll passion of youth. Every performance raises a ruckus.

Graber Gryass


From the album Late Bloom


Graber Gryass is an acoustic band from Memphis, Tenn., led by Spaceman, Michael Graber. Recently, Graber Gryass recorded 24 original songs at the famed Royal Studios. Members include musicians from Public Enemy, Rumpke Mnt Boys and a Winfield banjo champion. “Marijuana” is the first single from Late Bloom.

Devin Bender


From the EP Musical Magic


Rhode Island singer-songwriter, Devin Bender, harnesses the power of the ukulele to deliver his songs of peace, love and community. After years of growing his garden of music, he is ready to share his fruits, sew more seeds and sing in a brighter day. “Feed your heart; feed the world.”

Leaf Borbie & The Family Tree




Leaf Borbie & The Family Tree is a six-piece band from Cleveland, delivering carnival-disco sounds with roots deeply planted in blues. We are giving a percentage of proceeds from “Deadbeat,” on Bandcamp, directly to Black Lives Matter. We hear you and we stand with you. #BLM

Maria DeHart

“Pop Song”

From the album Opening

Strawberry Moon Records

Portland, Ore. artist Maria DeHart’s debut LP Opening weaves together dreamy chord progressions and ethereal vocals to create an entrancing sound experience for the listener. “Pop Song,” the second single of the album, is a whimsical and bouncy guitar-driven track about the one who got away.

Editor’s Pick: Woods

“Fell So Hard”

From the album Strange to Explain


Dreaming doesn’t come easy these shadowed days, which is why Strange to Explain by Woods is such a welcome turning of new colors. It presents an extended moment of sweet reflection for the 15-year-old band, bouncing back to earth as something hopeful and weird and resolute.