A Relix Conversation with Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson

April 2, 2015

The latest installment of our Relix Conversation series, features Anders Osborne and the North Mississippi Allstars’ Luther Dickinson, who are currently touring together as part of their new N.M.O project.

In part one Luther and Anders describe their initial meeting and spontaneous performance in New Orleans as well as their scramble to prepare for Phil Lesh’s band. Luther explains that their ongoing collaboration has “been a real life experience for me and the art just follows the life.”

In part two Anders reflects on the special nature of the New Orleans music community while Luther describes his formative experiences at Otha Turner’s fife-n-drum goat BBQs. Luther also revisits his guest appearance as a young teenager on The Replacements’ album Pleased to Meet Me produced by Luther’s father Jim Dickinson (and Luther reveals his own forthcoming project with Tommy Stinson).

In part three Anders and Luther look back on their initial songwriting efforts. Then Anders shares the process by which he a finished “an abundance of songs” (80+) for his next studio album, while Luther describes the recording of the highly anticipated second record from The Word (Robert Randolph, John Medeski and the North Mississippi Allstars).

In the conclusion, Anders and Luther offer some extended musings on their creative dialogue with Phil Lesh and how they’ve applied it to their own current collaboration project, guided by The Grateful Dead’s credo, “Never play it the same way…once”

A Relix Conversation with Anders Osborne and Luther Dickinson
Moderated by Dean Budnick
Filmed and Edited by Brian Stollery and Jonathan Healey
Sound by Wayan Zoey and Josh Berger
Lighting by Chris Ragan
Created and Produced by Bradley Tucker